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Clickback WEB is an "easy" to use webpage management software that enables one or more content creators within any organization to publish information quickly, simply and instantly to their website, or extranet. Provide your website visitors with current information they need, when they need it.

Why webpage Management?

The value and the effectiveness of your corporate website will diminish over time if the content is not updated on a regular basis. Not only does your website need to have fresh material, but the material that is published must also be accurate. Who better to provide this information then the experts who dwell within your organization? Webpage management provides an avenue for your experts to be able to update and post relevant, accurate information while an appointed editor has control over what appears on the website. The integrity of the brand is protected by the appointed editor while the information is fresh, accurate and updated on a regular basis allowing the marketing department to leverage the investment made in the corporate website.

Why invest in web-based Software?

There is no software to install on your computer, no hardware to purchase, servers to configure, and no on-site IT department required. There is no need to download complicated software patches or updates, you will always be on the latest version. You have access to the software from anywhere in the world through an internet connection and browser.

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